Faculty and Staff Grants

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Each year, the YHS PTA accepts applications from Yorktown teachers and staff for grants to fund school-based projects.

Grants will:
  • Relate to or extend Yorktown’s academic mission
  • Benefit a significant number of students within a specific team or program
  • Provide a benefit not otherwise funded by APS or Yorktown school funds
  • Be requested by Yorktown faculty or staff members 
Grant Application Form

YHS PTA has provided over $70,000 in funds over the last 5 years.

Below are some examples from our most recent years.

To fund student participation in a 3-day mock legislative session in Richmond, Va.
To fund 45 personal finance workshops and 48-hours of email response to student questions.
To fund the Music department’s purchase of a Chromed C Lead Pan Drum.
To fund the purchase of a built-from-scratch computer for the Computer Science department.
2016–17 Grant Committee
  • Dawn Bova

  • Cliff Cohen

  • Susan LeFande

  • Leila Mathur

  • Doug Schroeder

  • MacKenzie Trinity