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The PTA needs your help – please sign up to volunteer today!

We need volunteers to help us deliver programs and events to the Yorktown community. Please submit this form as soon as possible so that we may provide Committee Chairs with volunteer information in a timely manner. If more than one person in your household wants to volunteer, please fill out a volunteer sign up form for each volunteer with his or her information. Thank you in advance for sharing your talents and your time. If you have questions, please contact Sonja Schulken at volunteer@yhspta.org.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

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The Advisory Council on Instruction (ACI) is made up of representatives from each school and certain community organizations to assist in reviewing the system‐wide curriculum and instructional program and in developing recommendations for improvement. ACI meets once or twice a month. Yorktown has two representatives who serve a two‐year term.

The chairperson of the Student Art Show recruits and organizes volunteers to staff the art rooms during the show, which is usually held in June and lasts three to four days. The art show is coordinated by an YHS art teacher, and is set up by the students and art teachers. The chairperson solicits volunteers through YHS PTA emails and the list of art department volunteers. During the show, teachers bring classes through to view the artwork, so volunteers are there to ensure that nothing is touched or damaged. There is no expense involved.

This person handles issues with the neighborhood on an as needed basis.

The Chair of this committee creates and edits the newsletter issued by the Counseling Dept five times a year. There are electronic samples of work along with a binder with back issues.

The goal of the CCPTA is to provide leadership, to serve, to assist and to act as a resource for local PTAs. The CCPTA meets once a month.

This committee schedules Homecoming chaperones. They are needed in three areas: coat check, refreshment table and roving monitors. Parent chaperones are not responsible for reprimanding or disciplinary action. Teachers, as well as the principal, also participate as chaperones and they will deal with any behavioral issues.

The Family Network Committee works with the Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families and the APS Department of Student Services to bring speakers to Yorktown on current topics relevant to high school parents such as the college admissions process, the gap year, teen driving, etc. The chair coordinates topics with Family Network reps from other schools, and when Yorktown is hosting an event they ask Hospitality to help with refreshments and school personnel to help with the room, microphones, AV, etc. The chair sends information on upcoming programs to the PTA president, the PTA website coordinator, the Yorktown website coordinator (who has a calendar on the page) the weekly email chair and the grade listservs to send information to parents. There is a budget to pay for any speaker fees, photocopying of handouts, etc. The PTA treasurer will provide checks once you submit a request form. Refreshments are provided by the Hospitality Committee and its budget. The committee does not need to seek PTA approval on how the funds are spent as long as they go toward their mission. Surveys have been used in the past to see what type of programs parents would like. More information can be found on the Family Network website: http://www.familynetwork‐arlington.org/

These chairpersons coordinate student and parent volunteers to assemble materials for the YHS 1st Day Packet distribution. This position requires some email coordination during the summer, the actual assembly day (in late August) and then 2‐3 follow‐up mornings during the first 2 weeks of school to sort the returned materials.

These chairpersons should be parents of seniors. They will plan and organize the Graduation “Boat Party,” an all‐night, post‐graduation Potomac River cruise. The cruise is a long‐standing annual PTA‐sponsored tradition at Yorktown. It is part of a region‐wide community effort to help graduating seniors celebrate safely. It is a night to celebrate the milestone of graduating from high school and bidding farewell to classmates and friends. The Boat Party Chairs will plan the event, which includes decorating, entertainment, dancing, food, games and prizes.

This volunteer updates the registration forms/flyer to include in 1st Day packets and updates messages to be included in PTA emails. They usually attend beginning of the year functions with flyers to encourage and remind families to sign up. They will also manually input parent information for those who can’t register/renew online. They are the contact person for store coordinators. Store coordinators are helpful with information about special promotions, contests, etc.

This committee is responsible for providing refreshments at specific events at Yorktown, and is best chaired by two or three volunteers. The main events include the Science Fair Judges Breakfast, and Academic awards night. Committee chairs work with Yorktown staff to organize buffets ranging from simple cheese and cookie platters to warm coffee and breakfasts. Parents are asked to contribute specific food items while the committee chairs will use PTA funds to purchase paper supplies, decorations and drinks. Sometimes there are smaller events such as Family Network sessions and those are handled on an as-needed basis throughout the year.

Individual announcements and a letter from the PTA president are sent out every Friday using Mailchimp. The Listserv Management chair gathers announcements sent to her/him, information from various school sport and academic calendars and APS websites, and assembles it into a weekly email that is first reviewed by the Activities Office at YHS. Submissions are due to the chair by Wednesday of each week. The email is sent for review on Thursday and sent out on Friday. This person also sends out special announcements, reminders and updates to the entire listserv when deemed appropriate. The chair is also responsible for updating the listserv list and email addresses when necessary. They are also responsible for getting the word out to new parents on how to sign up for the listserv.

The membership chair works with the treasurer to create a list of PTA members at the beginning of the school year. Membership forms are sent in with checks so coordination with the Treasurer is essential.

The newsletter is printed three times a year. The first issue goes in the 1st day packet; the 2nd issue is mailed in December/early January, and the third issue is sent in early May. The last issue is mailed to rising freshmen from Swanson and Williamsburg. The chair has past issues that can be updated.

The parent representatives maintain communications with the teacher who is assigned as the Class Advisor and with the Student Class President to learn about activities and how the PTA can provide support. They let PTA leadership know about ideas or activities that the class may do so that PTA membership is informed, and if appropriate, can support.  For example, a class may decide to do a food drive or some other fundraiser, or may need chaperones for an activity — the Class Parent can help get the information out and help recruit volunteers.
The parent representatives also help with any activity for that class overall. There are not many of these activities and they vary with each year. For example, volunteers are needed to help with the 10th grade vision exam. The main activity for the junior Class Parent is to work with Kaplan Testing Service to schedule and promote the practice ACT/SAT session offered each January as a fundraiser for the junior class. Perhaps the freshman Class Parent could help inform freshman families about the study-skills and test-taking sessions offered only to freshman by the counseling department. The senior Class Parent might help inform senior families about the senior class picnic, cap/gown pick-up, etc.
Lastly, the parent representatives assist various members of the administration — such as the assigned assistant principal to the class, Student Activities office, counseling team — with providing information to the parents of that class. That could mean forwarding information to the PTA listserv manager for distribution to that class list or writing up a blurb about something the families of that class should know about.The work for this volunteer position will be sporadic and can be as much or as little as the parents involved would like.

The Phantom Phling chairperson will, in early to mid‐October, write a letter to the parents describing our “no work, no frills” fundraiser asking for donations. The letter stays pretty much the same every year and explains how the money is spent. Generally, the printer will print the letter, envelopes with a return address and the return envelopes (and have the letter pre‐folded). The chairperson will get a set of address labels from the YHS front office, stuff envelopes and put the labels on them. Then, the chairperson will take the letters to the bulk mail facility to be sent out. Once donations come into the school, the chairperson or the treasurer (arranged who does this ahead of time) collects the envelopes, logs the donations by parent name, and deposits the checks. In January, the chairperson lists all the donor names and sends them to the newsletter chairperson.

The chairpersons of this committee will work to facilitate Yorktown’s participation in the National PTA’s Reflections program. The work generally occurs October- January. The Northern Virginia District PTA website has more information, including instructions and forms: http://www.vapta.org/members-only/student-programs/reflections

This should be the parent of a Junior. The SAT Prep Test is not a PTA event; it is a fundraiser for the Junior class to help them raise money for prom. The chair works with the class advisor and the test representative to reserve the date for the test. It has been done by Kaplan in January but other companies have expressed interest in doing a test. The funds raised are deposited in the Junior account.

This person is responsible for finding and organizing volunteer judges for Yorktown’s annual Science Fair. The push for volunteers usually starts in November (requests are sent out via the weekly PTA email) and the Science Fair is usually held in late January. The Hospitality Committee provides a breakfast for the judges.

This person works to sell YHS gear. All products are ordered online. There is a link on the YHS PTA web page. The PTA then gets a percentage of all sales. A table is set up at Back to School night to show samples of what is available online. The purpose is to promote school spirit; sales proceeds are not a significant fundraiser.

The committee hosts three events during the year: a back to school breakfast, a holiday snack and an end of year luncheon (usually around Teacher Appreciation Week). The staff lounge is located pretty far from the front doors making drop off of food items difficult. The last luncheon was catered.

Education Grants are the largest outlay of PTA funds and represent a strong partnership between the school and the parents. Requirements are that they:

  • Relate to or extend Yorktown’s academic mission;
  • Benefit a significant number of students within a specific team or program;
  • Provide a benefit not otherwise funded by Arlington Public Schools or Yorktown school funds;
  • Be requested by one or more Yorktown faculty or staff members.

There is one round of grant approvals in the fall. After that, if there are available funds and unexpected opportunities, grants can be approved if recommended by the principal the PTA President.

Grant forms are distributed in the fall. The grants committee reviews them. The grants chair then reviews them with the principal and they are approved and then reported at the October or November PTA meeting.

Work usually begins in December. APS will send out a packet with requirements. Co-chairs will reach out to members of the Yorktown community – teachers, students, parents, etc. to submit letters of recommendation for Teacher of the Year. Requests can be posted on the PTA website and in weekly emails. The school news can also be helpful getting the word out. After the due date, recommendations are reviewed and a short list is provided to the principal. When a decision is made, a submission packet is sent to the Central Office before the January due date. The winner is announced to the school and the PTA has, in the past, donated a $100 gift card.

The chairperson organizes the hearing and vision screening schedule by working with the school nurse and volunteer coordinator. The chair contacts the school nurse early in the school year to pin down the date. The volunteer coordinator compiles a list of volunteers for the event, based on First Day Packet responses. That list will be given to the Vision and Hearing Screening chair so she/he can organize volunteers who will attend and assist during the one day of screenings.

The Volunteer Coordinator makes sure all chair positions are filled. Usually starting in the spring, the chairperson identifies which positions will need to be filled for the following school year and works to get the word out via PTA emails and word of mouth. The volunteer coordinator works to provide information about positions to new volunteers and relevant contact data to each committee chair.

The PTA website (http://www.yhspta.org/) posts PTA meeting calendars; PTA communications such as weekly emails, class listservs, the SPIRIT Newsletter, PTA‐sponsored programs & activities like the Family Network and PTA Reflections Contest; opportunities to get involved and support the PTA; and administrative information such as chair contacts, budgets and forms. Volunteers with some knowledge of HTML coding keep the content up‐to‐date based on requests by PTA officers and committee chairs. Website volunteers work in conjunction with the weekly email volunteer to ensure website links are accurate. Website volunteers also use the APS on‐line form‐generation tool to create surveys and collect information. Light graphic capabilities and the ability to create PDF documents are a plus. Estimate 1‐2 hours per week.

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